The School

Parkside House School aims to provide a high quality education Package to pupils who have difficulties in relating to education or others within a mainstream setting.

We offer a full education service in a small school setting focusing on specific individual needs that often include the development of fundamental cognitive skills as well as developing increased selfesteem and thinking skills.

Pupils should be given the opportunity to learn in a safe nurturing and supportive environment.

We will offer trust and respect to young people in the belief that this will promote a positive response.

We are committed to the ethos that the needs of our pupils are paramount and in order to fulfill these needs we will work in partnership with families, professionals, and stakeholders.

We understand that for some pupils school has many negative images. We will work with each pupil to attempt to modify their negative perception of themselves and authority

We will undertake to deliver a broad based curriculum this will culminate in nationally recognised qualifications as well as providing learning that excites and challenges, building on real life experience often extending beyond the classroom.

We believe that pupils should have the opportunity to grow to their full potential as valued members of society irrespective of race, culture, or background.