Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to publicly funded schools to address the inequalities between children from low income families who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) and those who are not. It is also allocated to Looked After Children (LAC). The primary aim of this funding is then used to boost the learning of children and young people so that the gap between peers is narrowed and all children and young people are able to reach their full potential, by overcome the barriers to their learning. This can be done by targeting their specific learning difficulties, enhancing recommendations from the therapy team to; meet individual sensory needs, develop communication and social interactions, support development of mobility and motor skills as well as helping them gain a greater emotional wellbeing. Evidence shows that the most effective schools achieve best outcomes through high quality teaching, strong leadership, a relevant and coherent curriculum, a culture of high expectations and targeted catch-up and enrichment activities. Pupils who received pupil premium funding will have benefited from one or more of the following additional provisions:

  • • Purchase of specific equipment/software to support learning
  • • Revision guides and other resources to support Exam preparation
  • • IT equipment e.g. laptops, iPads and MP3 Players
  • • Communication aids
  • • Individual music lessons/ sport coaching/ dance groups etc.
  • • Sensory toys/equipment/activities
  • • Specialised equipment to promote learning of a new skill e.g. riding a bike.
  • • Class/group visits which promote education, physical and sensory experiences and social time.
  • • Extra LSA support in some lessons
  • • Subscriptions to on-line learning
  • • Teacher and LSA training
  • • Purchasing of equipment to promote social skills and activities
  • • Additional interventions from Speech & Language, Occupational Therapists

Pupil premium is paid in varying amounts from different local authorities.

Pupil Premium Reporting Document

Pupil Premium Reporting