What makes PHS different?

Parkside House School is a very unique place to come to school, the ethos of the school is to provide a nurturing caring, environment, where pupils feel safe, respected, worthy and often for the first time in their lives a sense of belonging. As a school we celebrate all achievement, academic, sporting, social on sometimes a daily basis. Our focus is to reward positive behaviour, which is achieved by using a highly visual reward system; that is easily understood by all pupils.

The staff at PHS are highly committed and dedicated to the pupils, they are all subject specialist teachers who are highly experienced in dealing with the difficulties some pupils present. Staff prides themselves on knowing your sons and daughters nearly as well as you do, they understand what is important to them, what makes them tick!

The school is housed in a semi rural location, the main building is a large farmhouse and we have two additional outside school blocks. The school has tried to create a homely feeling, which is very different from the feel of a large modern mainstream setting, this type of environment appeals to a number of our vulnerable pupils who may have experienced attachment disorders or who are placed on the Autistic Spectrum, as well as pupils who have disengaged from the education system.

At school we strive to teach pupils tolerance and understanding of their own difficulties and that of others, we work on breaking down barriers pupils may have built up towards previous schools, teachers and the education system as a whole. We encourage pupils to set goals and targets as well as encouraging ambition and forward thinking.

Of course as well as this; we offer a broad curriculum across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, where pupils can achieve qualifications ranging from Unit Awards, Entry Level, Functional Skills, GCSE & A levels, as well as offering a comprehensive Vocational Curriculum, working closely with local training providers, and all the other aspects which make a school special.