extended Curriculum

At PHS we work extremely hard to improve the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of our pupils. This is done across the curriculum in all subjects; pupils also receive weekly PHSCEE lessons.  A key part of this development in all our pupils takes place during their extended curriculum participation. The extended curriculum at PHS is designed to:

Enable pupils to develop their Self Knowledge, Self Esteem and Self Confidence
Pupils have the opportunity to attend a small non-judgemental school  they are encouraged to articulate their feelings to all staff members in an informal setting,  as well as having access to a daily tutorial session with their pastoral tutor where they are encouraged to discuss the days good and bad points. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in roles which carry additional responsibility e.g. School Councillors, Peer Mentoring, Captain of Sports Teams, all of these positions are designed to help pupils at PHS develop into confident young adults.

To enable pupils to distinguish Right from Wrong and to respect the Civil and Criminal law
PHS has very strong links with the Community Police Officers; they are an active force within school, offering formal education sessions with all of our pupils, as well as fun activities such as dressing up in police uniforms or being transported in a police van. PHS has an open door policy with Community Officers who often drop in for a friendly chat with pupils. PHS and the police work hard to promote a positive and respectful attitude from pupils towards the police. PHS expect pupils to understand the right from wrong and the ethos of this is explored in citizenship and PHSCEE lessons,  where pupils are supported in developing their own moral sense and to understand the impact of their actions on others. At PHS we run anti-bullying weeks on a regular basis and a number of our pupils benefit from learning about the Youth Justice system.

To enable pupils to show initiative and understand how they contribute positively to the lives of those close to school and the society as a whole, as well as encourage pupils to accept responsibility for their own actions.
PHS pupils all participate in fundraising for Children in Need, Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Jeans 4 Genes, as well as more local fundraising such as the Air Ambulance and the local Fire Fighting Charity.  This allows pupils to see how their direct participation can influence the lives of others. Within school pupils are allowed the opportunity to act responsibly and carry additional responsibilities within the School Council system, including running a successful tuck shop and playing a big part in the decisions made at school. Pupils participate in enterprise schemes where their products are sold within the wider community.
PHS takes part yearly with the Sky Sports Programme which uses sport to teach cooperation and initiative.

To enable pupils to gain a broad general knowledge of public institutions and services within the UK.
At PHS pupils have the opportunity to learn about public institutions, they regularly visit the fire station, police and have good links with the local ambulance station on which the school shares part of the site.  Pupils learn about the democracy of the UK and the role of parliament with Citizenship and even have the opportunity to hold elections and participate in the voting system as part of the school council and elections. Within the Child Development Curriculum pupils learn and have the opportunity to visit public health care service, such as labour wards and midwifery services.  Pupils are encouraged to participate in work experience within public service institutions in year 11.

To enable pupils to understand and show respect for their own culture and cultures of others, to promote tolerance between cultures and traditions.
At PHS we celebrate different cultures and traditions as a whole school this includes, lunches from different cultures scheme, twice a term the school will serve lunch from a different country/culture. Pupils will have the opportunity to try different foods which they may not have previously experienced, also across the curriculum, they will learn about that culture often producing quizzes, table mats and posters related to that culture.  Every year PHS runs a cultural diversity day where each department within school becomes a different culture for the day. The pupils move around the school sampling, participating and learning about that culture its customs, traditions, history and its faith. Within set RE lessons pupils learn about different religious faiths and the customs and traditions related to them.
PHS is currently setting up a pen pal scheme at school which will link us to other schools around the world.

To enable pupils to respect the British values of democracy, the role of the law, Individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
At PHS all pupils are given the opportunity to stand for the school council, this is a democratic process where members are voted for by the pupils and staff. Pupils can organise election campaigns, put up posters and argue and defend their own point of view.  Pupils have an understanding and knowledge of how citizens can influence decision making and appreciation that in Britain we live under the rule of the law. These issues are explored fully in the Citizenship Curriculum.

To enable pupils to grow in confidence, develop as young adults and experience as many opportunities as possible.
At PHS all pupils participate in the credit reward system, where they earn credits each lesson, working towards a goal of 100+ credits per half term to enable them to have fun on an activity out of school. These activities are a combination of individual and team activities, often exciting they are designed to motivate pupils to experience new adventurous activities for example,  Go Ape(climbing high ropes) Go Karting, Lazer Quest, Paintballing to name but a few.
Pupils have the opportunity to attend an activity based residential centre which is often the first time many of our pupils have been away from home, and also experience city culture, by participating in the visits to York and London.

Pupils all enjoy participating in the lunch reward system where the winning table, each half term is rewarded by a visit out to a local restaurant in recognition of their good manners, respect for each other and making lunch time a pleasurable experience for their table.