Case Studies

Please read for yourself the comments made by pupils, parent/carers, and a number of professionals who have worked closely with our pupils

Parents & Carers

Staff Member/Thornbrae Childrens Home - "The dedication and commitment shown by Parkside House School Staff is outstanding."

Pupils & Students

Danielle Cranson 6th Form - "I have been a pupil at PHS for 7 years now, I am just finishing my As levels, the staff at PHS have helped me achieve qualifications far beyond my expectations. Staff are really easy to talk to, I have talked to staff about many problems I have had over the years."

Kyle Foggon Year 11 pupil - "The school has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are very approachable and will try their best to resolve any problems you may have if they can."


Andy from Sunderland Wall Climbing Centre.
"The kids from Parkside are brilliant to work with. They are so much fun and they have so much energy."

Amina Evans from Borderline Books charity organisation.
"The girls from Parkside House School who came to help me organise the children's book section were wonderful. It was lovely to have such mature young women helping me and volunteering their time to do it. Who said they were naughty kids?"

Craig Heap Sky Sports Mentor with Living for Sport.
"I wasn't sure what to expect when coming in to Parkside House School to meet with the pupils for the first time. I was very impressed at how enthusiastic and well-behaved they all were during our session and how supportive they all are of each other. I was able to let them use the full facilities at the Newcastle Gymnastic Centre and although it was the first time they had ever visited the centre, they all looked very confident when using the equipment. There is some real sporting talent at Parkside House."

Katy Storie Sky Sports Mentor with Living for Sport.
"I have been working with Parkside House School for two years while they have been registered with the Sky Sports Mentoring Programme. I have noticed a lot of progress and development from the pupils on my visits and I was really happy to join the group again and take part in the activities alongside Craig Heap. I was very impressed with what I saw on the day and their team work skills were excellent. I had a lot of fun with them."

Mary Adams AQA Moderator for Speaking, Listening and Communication.
"The group of Year 9 pupils I met, chatted with and observed were a delight to work with. It was also lovely to see two very mature and polite 6th Form students in the group, there to support the younger pupils."