After School Clubs

PHS runs the following after school clubs throughout the school year.

Petrol Car Club is the ultimate club for petrol heads it involves maintaining and servicing pupil's remote control petrol cars.
The more mechanical minded can build a car from scratch, pupils set out tracks around the grounds to race their cars on. This club is always in great demand and very popular with most pupils.

History Club is an opportunity for pupils to learn about parts of history not normally covered during normal curriculum lessons.
Pupils participating in the club are encouraged to find areas of history they are interested in and then use the time in the club to talk about what they found interesting and research more information using school resources.

Science Club is the opportunity for pupils to experiment in the safety of the classroom or grounds depending on the project chosen. It is the type of club that allows you to safely blow things up, find out how things work and see the more dramatic side of science.

Cookery Club is an opportunity for pupils to learn basic cooking skills outside of the curriculum. Whether it’s a Korma or a Paella you can learn how to make it hear.

Judo Club is an opportunity for pupils to study this ordered and disciplined Martial Art, by working your way up through the belt system. The course is taught externally by a fully qualified instructor.

Pony Club is an opportunity for the pupils to learn basic horse care it includes sessions on grooming, feeding and all other aspects of caring for a horse. The sessions take place in the stables opposite the school site.

We also have numerous GCSE booster sessions running throughout the summer term these sessions are designed to give exam students extra support and additional exam practice.