Admissions and Referral Process

Applications for admission to Parkside House School are normally made by a SEN Officer of the Local Authority in whose area the pupil currently resides.

Regulations under the 1993 Education act and all subsequent legislation state that parents have the right to express a preference for a school which is not a LA school, but which is an Independent special school approved by the DFE. If the LA agrees it will fund the placement at that school.

All of the pupils referred to Parkside House School will have a history of Emotional, Social Behavioural and or associated learning difficulties, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attachment Disorders, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD, ADD, Tourette's Syndrome to name but a few. Pupils will normally be aged between 11 to 19 years, Academic year 7 to year 13. In exceptional circumstances we may admit pupils early in year 6 on an LA request.

Referral Process

An informal request can be made directly to the school office, via telephone or email, or alternatively you can contact your local SEN department within your local authority all numbers can be found on your LA Website. Each LA will have a Parent Partnership Service which can support parent/carer’s in exercising their parental choice around choosing which school they would like their child to attend.

Local Autorities
An application will be made in writing by an SEN Officer; this will include documentation covering all current and relevant educational, behavioural, and social information, including the pupils most up to date statement and most recent Educational Psychologist report.

The school will then consider the documentation and if the initial assessment confirms that Parkside House School appears suitable and we have a place currently available we would invite parents/Carers and pupil to visit the school. Following a successful visit a place would be offered.

If there are no places available at PHS your child will be placed on a waiting list which operates on a first come, first served basis and the Local Authority will be notified as soon as a place becomes available.